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Moscow Urban Forum 2018, Moscow (Russia), 17-22 July 2018 [read more]

‘Towards collaborative approaches in social housing’ (Czischke, D.), session ‘Mass Housing as Innovation Driver. Best Practices from Global Megacities’

‘Collaborative Housing in the XXI century’ (Czischke, D.), session ‘Rented, Smart and Shared Models for the Future Housing’

IMG-20180718-WA0021    IMG-20180718-WA0013





Summerschool ‘Sustainable Housing from a European Perspective’, Delft University of Technology, Delft (The Netherlands), 2-13 July [read more]

‘Collaborative and sustainable housing approaches in Europe’ (Czischke, D.)

Summerschool 2018 2    Summerschool 2018






Co-Lab Research Seminar, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology, Delft (The Netherlands), 1 June

Sara Brysch (PhD researcher) and Lisanne Rissik (Master student) presented their research projects and received feedback from the Co-Lab Research team and colleagues of the Department of Management in the Built Environment

Co-Lab Research Seminar 2    Co-Lab Research Seminar


International annual ENHR (European Network for Housing Research) Conference 2018, Uppsala (Sweden), 26-29 June [read more]

‘Debates aorund “care” and “caring” in collaborative housing: evidence from literature?’ (Czischke, D., Carriou, C., & Lang, R.)

‘Integration through collaborative housing? How Dutch young adults and refugees together build a self-managing community at the Startblok Amsterdam’ (Huisman, C. & Czischke, D.)

‘Designing and building housing together: The Spanish case of La Borda’ (Brysch, S.)

ENHR 2018   IMG_20180629_112857565






Platform 31 Day Conference, The Hague (The Netherlands), 27 May [read more]

Dr Darinka Czischke and Carla Huisman gave two workhops on Dutch housing cooperatives

Platform 31 1    Platform 31 2

Platform 31    Platform 31 3


Workshop: Cooperative housing and beyond — the right to the hybrid city, Zurich (Switzerland), 23-25 May [read more]

Sara Brysch presented the Co-Lab Research activities and projects and discussed future collaboration with international institutions

INURA workshop Zurich    INURA workshop Zurich 2


Public Lecture, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology, Delft (The Netherlands), 9 May [read more]

“Collaborative Housing: Understanding and reconfiguring networks of design decision-making”  (Palmer, J.), with introduction by Dr Darinka Czsichke

Lecture Jasmine Palmer TU Delft   Lecture Jasmine Palmer TU Delft Darinka Czischke intro






Interdisciplinary Seminar COST: Socio-technical Aspects Circular & Collaborative Economy, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona (Spain), 16 March [read more]

“Sharing and caring in collaborative housing: what does the literature tell us?” (Czischke, D.)

“Collaborative Housing and Existenzminimum: designing innovative collective housing” (Brysch, S.)

Tarragona Workshop

Tarragona Workshop 01








Workshop International: Como imaginar la construcción de vivienda en sitio propio, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago (Chile), 6 November [read more]

“Collaborative Housing: The re-emergence of collective self-organised housing” (Czischke, D.)








International panel ‘Housing Sociale Collaborativo: Esperienze Italiane e Internazionali a Confronto’, URBANPROMO Social Housing, Open Incet, Turin (Italy), 5 October [read more]

“Collaborative Housing: The re-emergence of collective self-organised housing in Europe” (Czischke, D.)








International annual ENHR (European Network for Housing Research) Conference 2017, Tirana (Albania), 2-4 September [read more]

“Collaborative Housing and Affordability: Understanding the interplay between collective self-organisation, design and affordability” (Czischke, D., & Brysch, S.)


International Social Housing Festival, Closing plenary, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 21 June [read more]

“Collaborative Housing: The re-emergence of collective self-organised housing in Europe” (Czischke, D.)

International Social Housing Festival 03

International Social Housing Festival 02







Urban Thinkers Campus: ‘Education for the City we need: Exploring how to integrate the UN-Habitat New Urban Agenda in higher education curricula.’, Delft University of Technology, Delft (The Netherlands), 7-9 June [read more]

“Education for architects and built environment professionals: Some reflexions from the perspective of socially sustainable housing” (Czischke, D.)


Theme Group meeting “Organisational Strategies in Housing”, Delft University of Technology, Delft (The Netherlands), 9 May

“Managing collective self-organised housing: Swedish and Danish experiences”. (Czische, D., & Falkenstjerne Beck. A.)


International Symposium ‘Urban Contradictions #1. Seminar “Collaborative Housing and Social Inclusion: Towards Overcoming Contradictions?” organised with The ENHR and the Seminar Lieux et Enjeux, CRH, Val de Seine Architecture School, Paris, 28 March [read more]

“Towards Affordable Collaborative Housing in Europe: Innovations in Design and Self-organisation” (Czischke, D.)


Paris Conference presentation








ENHR workshop “Collaborative Housing”, Delft University of Technology, Delft (The Netherlands), 18 November

“Collaborative housing research (1990–2015): A systematic review and thematic analysis of the field”. (Czischke, D., Lang, R. & Carriou, C.)


ETH Wohnforum – ETH CASE, Affordable Housing Forum workshop, Zürich (Switzerland), 20-21 October [read more]

“Collaborative Housing and Affordability: Some challenges and opportunities.” (Czischke, D.)


Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Annual Conference, Session ‘Housing practices, informality and the global north’, London (UK), 31 August – 2 September [read more]

“Beyond institutional form: Can informal housing be part of the solution to Europe’s housing problems?” (Czischke, D., Elsinga, M., & P. Ho)


International annual European Network of Housing Research (ENHR) conference 2016, Working Group on Collaborative Housing, Belfast (Ireland), 27 June – 1 July [read more]

“The rise of collaborative housing approaches in England, France and The Netherlands: (How) are national housing policies responding?” (Czischke, D., Zijlstra, S. & Carriou, C.)

ENHR 2016 Joao CarvalhosaENHR 2016







‘Smart Urban Retrofit’. AMS – Young Professionals Think Tank, Pakhuis de Zweiger, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 14 June [read more]

“Smart urban retrofitting through collective self-organised housing initiatives: examples from Europe.” (Czischke, D.)


5th International Symposium on Cross-sector partnerships for systemic change: Rethinking goals, governance, and organizational forms, Toronto (Canada), 18-19 April [read more]

“Emerging approaches of cross-sector collaboration in affordable housing provision in Europe” (Czischke, D.)



International annual ENHR conference 2015 “Housing and Cities in a time of change: are we focusing on People?”, Lisbon (Portugal), 28 June – 1 July [read more]

“Housing providers and community-led housing in Europe: Towards co-production approaches?” (Czischke, D.)



RGS-IBG annual conference, . Session: “Cities in the post-recession transition: strategies, pathways, futures”, London (UK), 26-29 August [read more]

“Tackling the housing crisis in the post-recession context in European cities: Towards co-production approaches?” (Czischke, D.)


International annual ENHR conference 2018 “Beyond Globalisation. Remaking Housing Policy in a Complex World”, Edinburgh (Scotland), 1-4 July [read more]

“Making strategic decisions in the face of competing drivers in social housing organisations in England and the Netherlands” (Czischke, D.)


Regional Studies Association (RSA) workshop on the new cycle of the Cohesion Policy in 2014-2020, Brussels (Belgium), 24 March [read more]

“Socio-spatial segregation in a post-crisis context in the EU: Opportunities and Challenges for the Cohesion Policy in 2014-2020”. (Colini, L. & Czischke, D.)

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