Project Together!

Project Together! aims to start the debate about the way we want to live together in the 21st century – in our homes and in our neighbourhoods. Together! is about collaboration and collectivity. At the centre of this project is the exhibition ‘Together! The New Architecture of the Collective’, which we are bringing to Delft from 1 April till 4 July 2021.

Alongside the exhibition, Project Together! offers a wide-ranging programme of talks, discussions and activities including citizens, professionals and scholars. Are you ready to join?

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Challenges and opportunities 

  • In the Netherlands, 1 million new homes are needed by 2030.
  • 100,000 homes must be realized in the province of South Holland before 2025.

The majority of these will have to be built in cities. This is not only a quantitative task, but urban living in the 21st century is also accompanied by major challenges in areas such as affordability, sustainability, quality of life, inclusiveness and life course stability. To fulfil this task, cooperation between businesses, government, knowledge institutes and citizens is needed: we can do this together!

One of the most innovative answers to these challenges has been a silent revolution in contemporary architecture – towards collective building and living. Recent design approaches of this ‘architecture of the collective’ are captured in the exhibition Together! The New Architecture of the Collective. The exhibition has been a great success so far.

Together success.jpg

About the programme of events

The programme of events that will complement the exhibition will be organize in three main themes:

3 themes.jpg

Theme 1: “Why?” sets the scene for the discussion, which will focus on the societal drivers and motivations that lead to the development of collaborative housing initiatives. It will include a research seminar, where scholars from all over the world will discuss these topics from a broad and interdisciplinary perspective.

Theme 2: “How?” has a more practical approach. It intends to bring together different testimonies and experiences from the different actors involved in collaborative housing, on the area of design, financing, management, among others. Master classes will be provided for both national and international professionals who work with innovative collaborative housing projects.

Theme 3: “Take action!” is designed to focus on concrete actions (policies and strategies) necessary to increase and improve the development of collaborative housing in The Netherlands. This will also include a set of workshops focused on important issues related to the overarching theme such as co-design, alternative living layouts, collective self-organization, community support.

Additionally and throughout the year 2021, we also plan to carry out the following activities:

  • Delft Housing Laboratory: students work with citizens and companies on innovative housing solutions. They are supported by teachers from TU Delft, staff from the Province of South Holland and the municipality of Delft. Students do a group internship at the province and municipality and their graduation project will be part of the Housing Laboratory.
  • Student design competition: organised in collaboration with the Delft municipality, focused on generating innovative and collective housing typologies.
  • Guided visits: at old and new innovative collaborative housing projects in and around Delft.

About the exhibition

The exhibition is built up in four parts.
Part I presents a series of posters showing the historical development of the different collective living forms.

IMG_20180610_124325293.jpg    IMG_20180610_124247319.jpg

Part II includes 21 large-scale models of contemporary collective housing projects forming an imaginary city, for the visitor to explore by walking around them.

11-ausstellungsansicht-together-die-neue-architektur-der-gemeinschaft-foto-mark-niedermann    IMG_20180610_151522272.jpg

Part III displays a 1:1 model of a “cluster apartment”, an apartment composed of small private self-contained units organised around a common kitchen and living-room.

cluster apartment.jpg    IMG_20180610_1237294686.jpg

Part IV corresponds to the staging of a co-working office, where the visitors ‘act’ as officemates and are informed about the economic aspects of these housing models.

IMG_20180610_125342195.jpg     IMG_20180610_125335401.jpg     IMG_20180610_125338889.jpg

For more details on the exhibition click here.

Expected impact

Educational: by having a diverse audience visiting Delft and to come into contact with the themes that the exhibition highlights, from scientists to professionals to citizens.

Societal: by strengthening the profile of Delft as a city that sets the tone in innovative approaches and connects architecture with important societal developments (aging and health care; social inclusiveness; the transition to sustainability; vibrant urban communities; etc.).

Political: by developing a manifesto with concrete action points to increase the commitment of politicians and the minister.

Economic: by creating new partnerships and alliances for the innovative production of housing and by demonstrating the involvement of Dutch businesses in important social developments.

We are looking for sponsors want to be part of this ambitious project!


Becoming a partner of Together! will give you the opportunity to:

  • Take an active role in the programme
  • Increase the visibility of your company
  • Build or reinforce relationships at networking events
  • Have free access to the exhibition and to a number of related events (e.g., conferences, masterclasses, etc.)

If you are interested and want to know more details, please contact us.


It is official! On November 27, TU Delft, the municipality of Delft, architectural office Inbo and developer cepezedprojects signed the agreement to bring the exhibition to Delft.

Gemeente Delft-27-11-2019 ondertekening Together!.jpg

Councilor Karin Schrederhof (Delft municipality), Aron Bogers (Inbo), Menno Rubbens (cepezedprojects) and Vincent Gruis (BK, TU Delft) signing the agreement at the Delft municipality.

Gemeente Delft-27-11-2019 ondertekening Together! organisatie(1).jpg

Members of the Together! team joined in front of ArsenaalDelft, where the exhibition will be on display.

Core partners:

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